Polished concrete

Polished Concrete Service

We can provide any type polished concrete finish, from industrial dust-free functional flooring, to commercial and domestic architectural finishes, through to high end terrazzo flooring.

We have sourced and trained with market leading suppliers from Europe and the US in cutting edge technology and techniques. With offices in the UK and Ireland, we are able to provide our services in any of these markets.

We can provide full design and value engineered solutions tailored to any bespoke project, from concrete polishing to full supply and install of concrete and micro-topping.

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Whether you are interested in Creid’s services as a Property Developer, Contractor or Private Individual please feel free to contact us today to discuss your project requirements.
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We can remove any type of floor paint or glue and either polish the underlying concrete slab or overlay a micro concrete topping or Terrazzo floor.Learn more


We specialize in Terrazzo repairs and refurbishment, bringing worn floors back to life. We refurb surfaces including; hard wood, concrete, tiles and non-ferrous metal.Learn more

Cast in Place Slabs

We pour concrete floors and are able to offer floor flatness compliance in line with TR34 standards, European (EN), German (DIN), American (Fmin).Learn more

Concrete Repairs

We work with building and civil engineering companies, offering advice and help on cutting, coring, reinforced concrete infills and waterproofing.Learn more